Mayor Tom Potter may be on vacation, but he still found time to file an editorial with the Oregonian, expressing his support for Police Chief Rosie Sizer.

As you may recall, mayor-elect Sam Adams has asked Commissioner Randy Leonard to review the police department and the city's entire public safety system. In the process, Sizer reportedly told Leonard she couldn't work with him, should he become the police commissioner under Adams, as is widely expected to happen. Leonard, in turn, didn't invite Sizer to sit on the committee looking at the public safety system, until she complained to Potter. Now she's on the committee, but the relationship is as strained as ever. Leonard has indicated he can't work with her now, either.

Fast forward to Potter's editorial:

Mayor-elect Sam Adams wants to look at the entire public safety system with a fresh set of eyes. I couldn't be more supportive of Sam's idea of ensuring our public safety institutions are performing well, including the Portland Police Bureau.

But what I don't like seeing questioned is the remarkable job being done by Police Chief Rosie Sizer.

After acknowledging some of Sizer's accomplishments—including the wishy-washy UNaccomplishment "Acknowledging that the bureau needs to address the realities and perceptions of racial profiling by serving as co-chair of the Racial Profiling Committee"—he reiterates his support for her, without ever mentioning Leonard.

But I'm concerned about how the new review effort has become politicized, in the process polarizing the bureau, creating concern in the community and undermining the chief's ability to lead. If it's still possible that anyone misunderstands my respect for our police chief and my admiration for the job she's doing, let me be clear: Rosie Sizer is one of the finest chiefs this community has had, and losing her would be a grave mistake for Portland.

Who's firing the next shot?