It's official, city Commissioner Dan Saltzman has saved Peterson's, with Nick Fish and Sam Adams' help.

"Many appreciate what a 24 hour downtown convenience store brings, but there are also concerns about the element that has been attracted to the stores," says Saltzman. "But it is my hope that we're turning a new leaf here, and that the relationship between Doug Peterson and the downtown public safety community will improve."

In addition to withdrawing his threat of a lawsuit against the city, Peterson has signed a month-to-month lease with eight conditions, number 3 of which requires him to call the Portland Business Alliance's private security firm if there are any problems:

1. Cooperating with the DA's office on prosecution.
2. No sales of individually packaged malt alcohol or single cigarettes.
3. Report to the PPB and downtown Clean & Safe anyone engaged in illegal behavior.
4. Rules of conduct for customers and trespass agreements for non-compliance.
5. Provide onsight security at 922 SW Morrison. (Hire a rent-a-cop? prediction, Portland Patrol Services, Inc?...)
6. Owner, store mgr + security to attend a monthly meeting with police and deputy district attorney.
7. Compliance with health regs.
8. Creation and compliance with good neighbor agreement.

"I'd just like to thank Commissioners for their faith that I can do this and I will do this and their faith in small business," said Peterson.

Gentrification has been an ongoing part of the debate, particularly the role of Brooks Brothers convenience store in calling for Peterson's eviction. Commissioner Nick Fish called out the Brooks Brothers assistant manager who emailed the mayor, writing: "I fail to see why a disgusting store such as Peterson's is able to stay open. It caters to the dregs of society."

"I certainly hope that that does not reflect the official corporate policy of Brooks Brothers," said Fish. "And I would remind the person who sent that email that the so-called 'dregs' of the city include homeless veterans. And I think it is a sad day when we use disparaging language about people who, through no fault of their own, are homeless on the streets of Portland."

In other words? Brooks Brothers can eat it.