Every week, the Mercury hangs out drinking 40s on the street, trying to spot sexy bikes and bring you a mini-interview with their rough-riding handlers. This time, we were in luck: at the #10 bus stop on 4th Ave., a posse of three blingin' lowriders were sitting outside a convenience store, their makers drinking booze from coffee cups and smoking cigars.

Rider: Matthew Gramling
Bike: Three custom-detailed Schwinn lowriders, with gold and silver paint jobs and lots of skulls
Spotted At: Bus stop on 4th Avenue downtown





How did you get into making bikes like these?
I grew up in Southern California and I realized there wasn't anything like this out here yet. My real thing is low rider cars, these are just a hobby.

What kind of bike is this?
It's a 67 Schwinn. Powder coated candy apple with gold flakes in the paint. This bike is all real gold. It costs about $1,500.

And you put it on the front of the bus?
Do I look like someone who people would try to rip off? I used to have some trouble with people not paying for bikes I'd done, I was too nice and then I'd have to go to their house and take them back.

Have you ever had any altercations in trying to get a bike back?
Nah, I used to repo cars for a living.