Remember the Blog-Off between the city's Water Blog and Red Cross Blog? It starts today. Are you ready for this?

We've got five genius challenges. Today's challenge for bloggers at both sites is to do a post related to the top international news of the day, President Pervez Musharraf resignation in Pakistan. Make it relevant to water and blood, people!

UPDATE: The Water Blog is ahead out of the gate, with a post about how Musharraf is "not water-wise." Highlight: "Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), overseen by Musharraf's administration, is thought of as the second most corrupt institution in the country. Close to half of the 31,000 complaints received by Pakistan's anti-corruption ombudsman were related to this institution." Well played.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Red Cross Blog digs deep to find a relevant tie between disaster preparedness and a nearly-impeached national leader--and they find it! While resigning his presidential post, Musharraf also, apparently, "Gives Up Red Crescent Presidency." The 'Crossers also outline similarities between Pakistan and Oregon, such as:

Pakistan: A disaster-prone country threatened by floods, drought and earthquakes.
Oregon: A disaster-prone state threatened by floods, tsunamis and earthquakes.

Corey Pein of Willamette Week and I will be crowning the champion at the end of the week, and we'll be basing part of our decision on comments--comment here, and comment on both the Red Cross Blog and the Water Blog's posts.

Is blood really thicker than water? Or will the Red Crossers get soaked by the Water folks?