Today's challenge for the Red Cross-Water Bureau Blog-Off 2008 came from a Blogtown reader:

I'd like to hear a response plan from each agency on a Nessie-esque beast in the water reservoirs. Assume it is dangerous, eating skinny dippers, dragging dogs underwater, etc.

I upped the ante for the bloggers, challenging them to illustrate the monster in the reservoir.

Team Red Cross took it a step further, and made a video!

They also gave a play by play of how they'd respond, and pointed to the The Japanese Monster Survival Guide for further reading. "Note: While Blog-Off 2008 seems like fun and games, there's no doubt in our minds that Portland has the potential to be destroyed by a monster attack," they write, suggesting everyone get an emergency kit, "just in case you have to shelter in place or are trapped in your home. You might want to include a bottle of champagne, just in case it's your last night on earth." Excellent advice.

Finally, Red Cross Blog points out a flaw in Water Blog's entry for today: "we might add [it] is NOT a response plan, as requested by the moderators."

Indeed, the Water Blog took credit for the monster:

The bureau has purchased a Nessie-esque beast, from Scottish Water Company. The bureau wants its public to know that this is not an emergency situation, but a planned maneuver.

The beast, who has been affectionately dubbed Tabortha, was pre-treated with an animal sanitizer to ensure that her scales and body parts will not negatively affect water quality. She entered the reservoir germ neutral. She will live the remainder of her years, (estimated to be nearly 100), within the waters of Mt. Tabor, switching between reservoirs as her guard services are needed

Hmm. News writer Sarah Mirk points out, however, that this might be their response plan: Spinning a dire situation into good news for the city bureau.

Commenters on the Water Blog seem to dig it, though, calling Tabortha "the perfect environmentally friendly (non-chemical) way to protect the water system."

Weigh in on the Red Cross and Water blogs yourself; We're keeping track of those comments as we determine a winner.