Okay, that headline's kind of jerky. I mean, obviously, McG knows how to string some letters together. For proof, just look at his name!

Anyway, the hot news from the set of McG's new Terminator flick is that he's getting all Pulitzer on some asses:

"I gave all the actors The Road to read to get their heads right bout this sort of existential detachment that living in a post apocalyptic world would bring," McG revealed. "We're in a very large post apocalyptic environment. The bombs have gone off and there's very little left. People are wandering through lonely landscapes. We want to capture that by way of David Lean photographic expanses, so you think you're looking at Lawrence of Arabia."

Whoa, whoa, McG! Name-droppin' Cormac McCarthy and David Lean in the same interview? And here I just thought you were just making a watered-down PG-13 Terminator retread.

More at MTV; via io9.