OBAMATE!!! Barack will announce his VP candidate to supporters today. My hopes for change are pinned on Joseph Biden of Delaware, who at least knows how to pull off a decent pocket square:


FACEBOOK FURY!!! A Swedish nurse posts pictures of herself helping with brain surgery online. Totally ruining the Google search for "Swedish nurse," in the process.

SLIT EYES!!! The Argentinian women's soccer team is caught making culturally insensitive gestures in a photograph taken in Beijing.

KITE SURFING!!! Video of a Fort Lauderdale man attempting to kite surf in a tropical storm ends in critical-condition tragedy. Now: I challenge you not to click on that link. It's probably more tasteful to do it now though, eh? Just in case...

TWO-HEADED TURTLE SNATCHED!!! Hunt is on after the odd-looking reptile is stolen from an animal shelter.