Tonight is Siren Nation's first ever "Paint Your Art Out!" extravaganza. Here's what they had to say about it...

"Paint Your Art Out" promises to be an exciting and unique summer
event featuring: live painting exhibitions by four local
street-influenced artists, a silent auction featuring local and
national fine artists, music, and performance art.
This summer's art extravaganza promises to be the first in a long line
of events of its type, combining Portland's love for not only music,
and live performance, but for visual art as well.
Joining us for this event will be live painters: Dan Williams of
Crack la Roc Murals, Anna Todero of Core Gallery, Alter One, and Heidi
Elise Wirz of Oven Fire Studio. Plan B's spacious patio space will be
brim full of art, music and performance, and will be an evening to


Right on the cusp of TBA it is sure to be an arty good time.
It's from 7-10pm at Plan B, with a $5 entry fee. Be there.