Hillary Clinton gives an impassioned speech in favor of Obama, in what was probably a futile attempt to get her 25 remaining supporters to switch teams.

And don't miss "National Security Night" tonight at the DNC when former President Clinton and Joe Biden act all tough and sexy.

Three U.S. soldiers admit to executing four handcuffed Iraqi prisoners on a riverbank last year, apparently forgetting that it's against military law to harm unarmed combatants while in custody. Whoopsy!

Disappointed Neil Diamond concert-goers ask for a refund because the 67-year-old's voice sounded raspy. He was also unable to do 30 push-ups, primarily because he's old and therefore useless.

In order to decide whether to allow him into the country or not, Australia is conducting a "character assessment" on Snoop Dogg. Who else finds this hilarious?

And finally, McCain busts out another incredibly misleading attack ad against Obama, this time proclaiming that the Democrat is "dangerously unprepared" to be president. So unlike Bush.