I caught Hilary Clinton's speech last night, and even though I was in attendance when Barack Obama came to town to give his (and voted for him), I actually found Clinton's speech, heard over the radio as I sifted through the depressing rubble of my soon-to-be-former apartment, much more moving than that in-person experience. It was more honest and less strategic than any either candidate gave during the primaries, and when someone that strong is allowed to passionately enjoin against a common enemy, it's something to experience.

I've been realizing as I prepare to move for like the 10th time in about as many years how much I value having an archive. I've been schlepping an ever-growing collection of photos, letters, backstage passes, police reports, and even printouts of emails I deemed momentous from place to place my entire life. (I literally never look at any of it except when I'm moving.) I don't know what kind of mementos I'll collect from the politically heavy year ahead, but if you're pro-active about getting yours, consider doing your domestic economy some good and show your Obama-rah-rah with these knee socks, a collaboration between local sock company Sock It To Me's Carrie Atkinson and Red Light Clothing Exchange head buyer Erica Easley:


The socks are actually available in Denver during the convention, but Portlanders have the hometown advantage of being able to purchase them (available now) at the two Red Light locations: 3590 SE Hawthorne & 333 SW 10th