Should Tina Fey return to Saturday Night Live to play Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin? (Omigod, these guys are going to have a field day with her!)

Shannen Doherty refuses to admit she once punched Jenny Garth in the face. Quit being such a bitch, Shannen!!

On Sunday, tune to AMC at 5 pm for a Mad Men Marathon: five episodes of the already awesome season two! (You can also catch up with all the Project Runway episodes you've missed starting Monday at 3 pm, on Bravo!)

Since I won't be around to remind you, season two of Gossip Girl debuts on the CW, Monday, 8 pm! I will try this show ONE MORE TIME to find out if I still don't give a crap.

"Source Confirms: Jennifer Aniston to Guest on 30 Rock!"
Omigod, OMIGOD.... I DON'T CARE!!

And while the rest of you were watching Barack Obama giving a life-altering speech, Stephen Colbert was doing whippits... live on air.