It's the morning after Obama's big speech, but the big headline is:

McCain picked a running mate! The female governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, a pro-life, deeply Christian, hockey mom reformer. Everyone has an opinion.


Obama gave a down-to-earth speech that 50 billion news agencies describe as "adding policy to soaring rhetoric" despite the stadium setting. No bands, no airplanes, but maybe a new slogan: Enough! Is that because the "change message" has "run out of steam"?

Abortion: Still Legal in Mexico City. phew.

Judgment Day: Bosnian Serb genocide suspect and runaway Karadzic refuses to enter a plea to the UN War Crimes tribunal (in his words, the "NATO court").

Predicting the Future: Don't worry, says Oregon economist, the recession is totally sort of almost over.

And in wonk news, the PDC has a new chair who says he's into transparency and not being "done" with downtown.