Food editor Pat Coleman and I are in the office listening to Michael Palin accepting the vice presidential nomination for John McCain.
PALIN: Complete and Utter Spastic...

Coleman spent his last two years of high school in Alaska, where apparently the pregnancy rate is through the ceiling, so he is qualified to have an opinion here. We have concluded that Palin's nomination simply must be a joke, but here are our thoughts, as they occur to us. Feel free to add yours...

1.She has no executive experience.
2.Although she is very fertile.
3.She can't speak.
4.She sounds stupid.
5."A ship in harbor is safe. But that's not why the ship is built."
6.Hockey mom.
7.She's quoting senators from Ohio...
8.She sounds like she would rip your face off if you asked when her life started.
9.Joe Biden will "take this chick to the mat," says Coleman.
10.The crowd is cheering "USA...USA..."

PALIN: Miss Wasilla, 1984...

11.It just seems so desperate....
13.She's praising Hillary Clinton now. Oh my gosh.
14.The Republicans are expecting women to vote for them based on gender issues?!
15.The internets reveal she is considered Alaska's "GILF." The G is for "governor."
16.I am feeling guilty about this post. Especially the sexist bits, and that comment about Michael Palin being "spastic." Who knew. I'm sorry.
17.I'm over it now.
18.Now really: Why?