Last night--downtown, sometime around sunset, at a block party hosted by the Art Institute of Portland--the best nine films we received in the "My Pretty Portland" film contest were screened. We got over 30 entries, and for myself and a crack team of intrepid Mercury writers, it was no easy task to decide the winners, but I think we did an alright job of it. It should probably be noted here that we gave extra credit to films that featured unicorns.

My memory of last night is the tiniest bit blurry thanks to my possible abuse of the drink ticket system, but I remember enough of the evening to know it went pretty well, and the crowd seemed to dig most of the entries. For those of you who couldn't make it out last night--and those who were there and want to re-watch particular films--here are the nine finalists we selected. The first place winner is immediately below, with second place and seven others (plus an honorable mention!) after the jump.


My Pretty Portland by Quarter Orange


My Pretty Portland by Tim & Brad Freels


Portland Has Bad Art by The 3rd Floor

PDX Wake-Up by Seth Sonstein

Hydropods by Cyril Victor and Hydropods

All the Parts That Make It by Nickey Robare

Portland, Oreganic by Johnny Buell

The Syllogism by Kathleen Bryson

My Pretty Portland by Loren Judah


Okay, so this one might not "officially" be a finalist--it didn't screen last night, 'cause the filmmaker couldn't get it to us in high quality. But that said, it was a favorite around the Mercury offices, and I just wouldn't feel right if it wasn't on here.

My Pretty Portland by David Cook