Above all, I wish I were there. Next time around, fuck the donkey--I'm riding the elephant. A few thoughts:

1.) Don't believe the signs. I noticed this at the Democratic Convention in Denver and I'm sure the same applies in St. Paul: even the crummy, hand-drawn signs are handed out by the campaigns. I saw aides running around with stacks of them. They're all childlike and sloppy on purpose, but people don't hesitate to display them as their own. In fact, there were a few sick moments when people actually fought over the silly things. When they didn't get signs or flags or swag that flooded the stands they screamed idiotic things like: "HEY! We're American's too!" Sometimes they'd whistle at the aides like fucking dogs. So, now when you see hand drawn messages like "Democrats 4 McCain," you know where they're coming from.

2.) Fred Thompson sure is familiar with Sarah Palin. So is Joe Lieberman. Funny, since ol' sloppy Joe doesn't know the woman. And would you believe, even if he swore under oath in a TV set courtroom, that Fred Thompson even knew who Palin was a week ago?

3.) Finally, do any Republicans out there want to adopt Joe Lieberman? Shit, the Dem's haven't wanted him for years. Frankly, I don't think anyone--outside of the early-bird over-65 breakfast special crowd, who only vote for him because everyone else talks too fast--can stand the meandering spaghetti spine. What a sorry sack of shit. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be so rough on the guy. He did help me coin on of my favorite phrases: "never trust a centrist."

Oh, one last thing:

4.) Having seen her up close at the CNN Grill (don't ask), Campell Brown is as hot in real life as she appears on TV.