The local streetwear company Hecklewood has come out of its nest among the trees west of NW 23rd, taking up much more prominent residence in Old Town (114 NW 3rd, to be exact), in the same neighborhood as complimentary retail spots like Just Be/Compound, Upper Playground, and 360 Vinyl. The collaborations are already under way: the store is having a housewarming party tomorrow night 7 pm-late, with an art show titled "Art For Recessionary Times" (think cheap limited edition prints, posters, and zines on topics relevant to our little situation here with the economy), and the first couple hundred people who show up tomorrow will get a copy of a mixtape the store produced in cahoots with 360 Vinyl and Dun Diggy--a regular DJ at the Fix, AKA the best hiphop night in town. You'll see, because he'll be spinning at the store at tomorrow's party from about 8-10 pm.

Wearing gear from Hecklewood ensures you'll have babes crawling all over you