As you may or may not remember, way back in March I unwittingly purchased a "pork log" from a Vietnamese grocery for lunch one day. After eating a small portion of the log, I decided to place the rest in the Mercury's break room refrigerator with the following note:


It was a scientific experiment of sorts to a) see how the log would transform over a lengthy amount of time, and b) how long it would take for my co-workers to start crying like little babies, begging me to remove it. (Naturally, they are far too lazy to do so themselves.)

Well, lo and behold after FIVE MONTHS in the refrigerator, my co-workers finally worked up enough nerve to confront me at today's editorial meeting, claiming the log was "a workplace health hazard" and making wildly unsubstantiated claims such as "the pork log is giving me ALLERGIES, boo-hoo-hoo!"

But even more interesting, is how the log changed after five months. While it didn't eventually transmorgrify into a magical golden imp (as I had hoped), the results were still fairly impressive. Here's what the log looked like FIVE MONTHS AGO...


And after the jump, here's what the pork log looked like today. CLICK AT YOUR OWN PERIL!



Actually, it didn't look as bad as I thought, so I walked across the street and put it in KATU's refrigerator.