I will pay anything for the drug that can remove all memory of Sarah Palin from my mind.

I dream about her. I woke up sweating today. This could happen for the next 9 years.

I have Palinitis.


Among the most sickening of Palin's suggestions last night was that Obama plans to "increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars." Well, according to some excellent Yahoo analysis done this morning, that's a flat-out lie: Obama plans to increase income for middle-income taxpayers by 5% by 2012, or nearly $2,200 annually. McCain's plan would only raise after tax income for middle-income taxpayers by 3 percent. For the poor, there's added incentive to vote for Obama:

Obama would provide $80 billion in tax breaks, mainly for poor workers and the elderly, including tripling the Earned Income Tax Credit for minimum-wage workers and higher credits for larger families.

The only "American people" for whom Obama plans to raise payroll taxes are those with incomes over $250,000, and corporate taxes for businesses that make more than $250,000 a year. Do you know anyone in that category? I don't.

The worst of it is, that these are the kind of details that aren't going to persuade those who plan to vote for Palin regardless. Because they require an attention span. And a first-grade ability with math. And probably a penis, to understand.

Because that's what the Republicans are implying: That women, to whom Palin is apparently going to appeal, can't do basic math. That they'll vote for a liar under political ethics investigation because she's a mother. Because she has a vagina.

The trouble is I think I fancy the governess too. And I'm powerless to control it. Vote Thatcher! I mean, er, Palin! Vote Palin!

That drug offer still stands. I'm so weak.