H-O-L-Y crap, last night's installment of Project Runway was all about Portland contestant Leanne Marshall wiping the goddamn floor with her competitors. As we all remember, she won last week's challenge (in which the designers had to create their looks using car parts), and as a result was granted immunity from being eliminated during last night's round. Nevertheless, the challenge--which was guest-judged by fashion titan Diane Von Furstenberg--was mostly fumbled by the other designers, who couldn't control their foaming at the mouth over Furstenberg long enough to make something for the cosmopolitan glamour girl (and possible spy) that DVF conjured.

This week's most spectacular failures were bottom-two denizens Joe and Stella.

Here's Joe's sartorial WTF

Stella's, which DVF compared to "Dracula"

I think Joe's was much worse than Stella's, and although he's been kind of a dud personality-wise, some of his things have been okay. Actually the only one I can recall was the Olympic team outfit challenge, and I liked what he did there. Stella, on the other hand, I was just starting to really warm up to when YOINK--she's eliminated. You know what that means: no more stories about her boyfriend Ratbones. Dang. That sucks.

Meanwhile, here's Leanne's slam-effing-dunk, which DVF loved, and which won her the challenge AGAIN, even though she could have just skated by on her immunity.


No immunity this time, but who cares: Leanne's design will go into production and be sold to American Express customers to benefit the Council of Fashion Designers of America (DVF is prez). She is the first contestant on this season to win while already having immunity--she's on fire! Stay tuned for next week--I watch it on the big screens at The Tanker whilst downing Stolichnaya presses (they also have a Project Runway mojito special). DirecTV has been squiffy with the air time--it's usually at 8 pm, but occasionally it's at 9 pm or 8:30--check back here on Wednesday for the correct hour.