There are some amazing things coming up during the TBA festival. I'm excited about Reggie Watts, and Antony. And I'm cautiously optimistic feeling hopeful about Tiago Guedes and Vivarium Studio.

If you're not normally the type to go in for these artsy-fartsy type things, I'd encourage you to get a TBA brochure and take a chance on something that tempts you. At the very least, watch the Mecury's TBA blog for recommendations.

Yeah, yeah, I know you'd rather sit at home and watch television. But I assure you that TBA is as weird, and far more entertaining than, America's Got Talent. Here's a NSFW preview (because of nudity-natch) of what you might witness.

Looks pretty good when compared to this:

Okay, so the production values are better on television, but at least TBA's female impersonators can actually sing. Plus, they have waaaay more attitude. Just sayin'.