The Republican National Convention beat the Democratic National Convention at least ratings-wise, by 500,000 viewers. HOWEVER! Am I wrong to assume it's because Democrats aren't as myopic as Republicans and will watch to see how McCain does, as opposed to GOP supporters who already made up their minds long ago and wouldn't watch Obama if you gave them free moonshine for life?

Speaking of which, is it just me, or does McCain have REALLY YELLOW TEETH? You'd think that with all the money the RNC threw toward the convention, they would have at least bleached his dentures.

Will there be a Hellboy TV series? Activate NERDGASM!

Check out The Office season four Blooper Reel!

Entourage returns on Sunday night (HBO, 10 pm), and according to some reports, it now contains more FUNNY.

Vampire lovers will also want to check out the debut of True Blood also on Sunday (HBO, 9 pm). Here's a review that claims it doesn't suck. GET IT?!?

GEEZ, Sunday sure is busy! Masochists may want to check out the 25th anniversary of the MTV Video Music Awards (MTV, 6 pm)... featuring an opening act with Britney Spears? (Hey, it turned out so well last time! Should we watch it again just for old times sake? OH WHY THE HELL NOT?)