McCain's Big Speech: After the energizing us-versus-them talk from Sarah Palin (seen here covered in the blood of a caribou) last night, McCain meandered through musings on courage, calls for change and few policy specifics. The NYT has a heated editorial calling on McCain to stop with the "punch lines" and attacks on Obama's patriotism and "begin a serious, civil debate."

Outside the Convention: Police use tear gas to arrest 250 peace-walking protesters en masse.


Eight consecutive months of job loss: The U.S. reaches its highest unemployment rate in five years.

Hola Portland: Mexico City launches 21 community gardens to combat rising food prices.

No Football for Oil! Arab emirates royal family bids $345 million to buy Manchester city soccer team. The BBC quotes Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher on the matter.

Monetary Break Down: Portland's pipes, electrical lines, bridges etc. need $10 billion in repairs that the county's not sure it has.

High Rise Hopes: New six-story Pearl District development promises 135 affordable family units.