Sarah Palin, and her fertile fertile daughter, aren't the only exports from Wasilla, Alaska. John Gourley, the charismatic frontman for Portugal the Man also hails from the fourth largest city in Alaska.

Gourley, whose parents were both Iditarod racers (seriously), recently released a statement about growing up in Wasilla and how he disapproves of the city's GOP superstar.

We don't need drilling in some of our most beautiful and untouched land. We need to work towards options. We should be investing and working towards clean fuels. We don't need to be draining our planet of every last drop before moving on to the next. Sarah Palin disagrees

Also, according to Wikipedia, adult film star April Flowers (the 2001 AVN Award nominee for "Best Group Sex Scene") is also from Wasilla, but no word on her stance on Palin, Portugal the Man, or the Iditarod.


Portugal the Man - "Lay Me Back Down"

Portugal the Man performs tonight at Berbati's Pan on something called the "Southern Comfort Stage." I assume that is just the regular Berbati's stage, but with a banner for whiskey behind it.

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