The fact that Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movies ever has previously caused me to get kind of rabid about the possibility of anything new and shiny and ghostbuster-y. Up until a week or so ago, any such developments were limited to the videogame (which is currently languishing in a weird sort of limbo). But now it looks like there's a possibility of a brand spankin' new Ghostbusters movie--one headed up by the original Ghostbusters creative team, along with two writers of the Americanized The Office and Judd Apatow. Not a bad crew, that.

If it actually happens--and this is something that seems fairly unlikely, given the previous bungled attempts to get a third film made--it sounds like this'll be kind of like Ghostbusters: The Next Generation, with the original crew handing over the franchise to a new cast, one possibly made up of Apatow's usual gang. I kind of have mixed feelings about that--on one hand, the Apatow gang is pretty great, but on the other, I'd also like to avoid seeing the original Ghostbusters cast contract a nasty case of Mutt Williams Syndrome.

Anyway: More at the Chicago Tribune. This via io9, which also points out that Sarah Palin is a robot.