It's a slow, sleepy day here at the Mercury office. After a punishing weekend of MusicfestNW and TBA immediately on top of it, I admit I'm a bit worn out at this point. So, in the interest of exerting as little effort as possible, I'm going to post a few random Facebook friend status updates. Sure, it's a cop-out, but right now I can't think of any better way to succinctly discuss all the tons of shit that have been happening. (I've removed the names of my friends because I'm not asking permission to do this, but I bet they'll be pissed I'm repeating their clever, pithy remarks without giving them credit. Oh well!)

____ is thinking Sarah Palin DOES look like a model for Lens Crafters.

____ is realizing that 54% of TBA is bullshit.

____ is wondering why he wrote "somewhere between heartburn and an erection" in his notebook.

____ saw 'equus' last night. it was intense. and yes we got to see harry potter's wand.

____ will be so annoyed if those scientists get the world sucked into a black hole.

____ what Andrew Sullivan said.

____ is pondering the significance of bubbles.

____ Good luck as Dark Matter everyone!

____ wants to see the birdies fly down the chimney.

That's all I got, folks. If you want, add your status in the comments.