So, yesterday, I went over to my friend, Kristen's house for dinner. She served her own version of spanakopita, which she so lovingly named "Ghettokopita" Okay, I don't really agree with this name 1) because it is sort of offensive to call something "ghetto," especially when who are using it to denote something done "wrong" or "different" and 2) one of the components is chevre and most of other ingredients were local and organic, which is about as ghetto as a brand new Restoration Hardware.

Anyway, I thought I would share it since it was delicious and probably one of the only times that swiss chard has been stuffed inside a crescent roll.


The recipe is after the cut.

The ingredients
-Fred Meyer brand crescent rolls (We used two, but you should probably get more)
-swiss chard
-like 2 cups of fresh parsley
-1 cup grated pepper jack cheese
-3/4 cup of chevre
-2 eggs
-salt, pepper, and Tony's to taste

1) Chop up the chard in postage stamp size pieces, and wilt it and the parsley in butter.
2) Set the chard aside in a bowl to cool, squish out the excess moisture.
3) Stir in the cheeses and eggs
4) unroll the crescent rolls (be careful to not let it explode in your face!)
5) put a spoonful of the greens and egg mixture and roll it up
6) brush on some melted butter
7) bake at 375 for ten to fifteen minutes

Serve warm and preferably, with something healthy to make up for the fact that you are about to eat four crescent rolls.