From the AP: "The worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression forced the Federal Reserve and central banks in other countries to pump billions of dollars into the world's banking system in an urgent bid to stop further damage." Hey grumpy Gus! Turn that frown upside down!

President Bush is working feverishly to aid the current economic crisis (translated, he's trying to convince everyone that this isn't his fault).

Brad Pitt has donated $100,000 to help fight the California ballot initiative that would overturn the Supreme Court's decision to allow same sex marriages. Thank you, Brad -- and if you don't mind, could you also take off your shirt.

Barack Obama calls bullshit on the perception that McCain is pro-choice... BECAUSE HE'S NOT, PEOPLE! HE'S ANTI-CHOICE! (Please tell everyone you know.)

Sarah Palin's first tough lesson: Don't send private government emails over a Yahoo email account, you dipshit.

It's okay to be confused about this week's economic clusterfuck, because our good friend Jon Stewart from the Daily Show is here to explain it all in a hilarious manner. (Hilarious that is, if you're not currently experiencing a panic attack.)