Okay, guess which one of these awkward outfits was designed by Leanne Marshall on last night's episode of Project Runway:




The answer plus spoilers after the break!

It was this one:


This was one of the least fun challenges to date. The designers were paired up with mother-daughter teams, the younger generation of which had just graduated college and needed an interview outfit for their given industry. Leanne got Holly, bound for teaching, and with her and her mother nitpicking in the background, she created a perfectly cute dress but should have left the cropped jacket off. The hatred towards the task on the part of the designers was palpable.

Nobody looked like they were having a nice time. Especially Joe, who was at long last booted from the show after dressing up a future graphic designer in the getup pictured at top, which as you can see looks like an outfit for a bank teller on day three of a martini bender (instead of the flip-flops and cut-off sweats that most graphic designers actually wear). Nonetheless, I think that Suede's outfit (on the bottom there) was even more atrocious. Look at it. Horrid. On the other hand, the winner of the challenge was Jerell, which I pretty much agree with:


Next week, LL Cool J guest judges for a challenge in which the designers have to create hiphop looks. If that's not can't-miss television, I don't know what is.