Powell's Books just released the third film in their Out of the Book series; this time around, they're focusing on an essay collection called State by State, edited by Sean Wilsey and Matt Weiland. The book is based on the WPA-funded state guides of the '30s and features 50 authors writing about each of the 50 states: Alexander Payne on Nebraska, SE Hinton on Oklahoma, Jonathan Franzen on New York, Susan Choi on Indiana, Joe Sacco on Home Sweet Home... it's a great collection, and the movie is predictably charming, full of candid author interviews and readings. (I write about the book and the film in this week's paper.)

I've got a copy of the book and a pair of tickets to Monday's Out of the Book screening at the Bagdad for the commenter that provides the best reason why their state of birth qualifies them for the vice presidency.

Deadline: Friday Sept 19, 3 pm.