The Wars of the Roses. The Hatfields and the McCoys. 2Pac and Biggie. There have been countless feuds throughout history, and yet none shall compare to what's quickly proving to be the greatest battle of all time--the vicious, furious, take-no-prisoners blood feud that's currently boiling between William Shatner and J.J. Abrams.

In the following video, the Shatman lays it all out--and he isn't taking any bullshit. If I were J.J. Abrams, I'd keep a baseball bat next to my bed when I go to sleep. Just to be safe.

Also, William Shatner clearly understands a lot about science, and does not make up scientific things at all. Also, who the hell is he making these videos for? Also, is it just me, or does Shatner really start to freak his daughter out about a minute and 50 seconds in?

Via FilmDrunk.