In the unnecessarily decadent tradition of the Matryoshka or the Turducken, this Thursday, PopCap Games will release a version of hyper-addictive puzzle title Bejeweled to be played within World of Warcraft.

PopCap spokespeople broke the news to Wired's me earlier this week along with a story of why they're the one Seattle corporation you shouldn't firebomb during the next WTO riots.

It seems the game was originally created by a San Jose State University student. When PopCap found out, instead of suing the kid, they gave him a high-five, hired him, and officially published his creation.

Even better news? World of Warcraft players won't have to pay a cover charge to enjoy Bejeweled in between slaying orcs and lying about their cyber infidelities: The add-on is entirely free.

As the game isn't technically an official release, it's hard to say where you'd have to go to snag a copy upon release, but my money is on one of the larger World of Warcraft modding sites.