Launched last week, YA for Obama is a social networking site that features blog posts by young adult novelists who support Obama. The first blogger? Judy frickin' Blume:

I want a president who can make us proud as Americans. How great would it be after 7 and a half years to have an articulate leader, an eloquent speaker, one who is not only willing to talk, but to listen? I believe Obama will be that kind of president. Plus, he has a sense of humor. He has two young daughters and a working wife. He's smart. And let's not forget the magic. Nothing wrong with having the ability to connect with people around the world --young, old, and in-between.

In some ways an election is like life - a lot of muck comes your way. It's hard sometimes to slog through it. It's exhausting. It can be scary. You can feel like you're drowning in it. You've got to work hard to pull yourself up and out of it, then to rise above it. We need a leader who can help us do that. That's why I'm supporting Barack Obama.

The second post is by the estimable John Green, author of An Abundance of Katherines:

The anti-intellectualism that has become the hallmark of religious conservatism in contemporary Christianity (and many other religions) will only set us back--not only economically and politically but also spiritually. We must invest in science; we must teach our children the scientific method; we must share with them the myriad discoveries that scientific method has brought us. And we must do all of these things in classrooms that are in the business of teaching children how to learn, and not in the business of teaching that faith in God is incompatible with the intellectual rigor and creative innovation that have been the glory of our nation's past. Christianity loses in that bargain, and so, too, does America.

(Thanks Rob!)