Picture Nikola Tesla in his lab trying to create the world's first electrical platypus. He toils for hours on his mechanical horror, before falling asleep sometime around 1AM.

Come morning, an errant sparrow flies in his window, lands on the instrument and is immediately devoured by its whirling, sparking beak, struggling just enough to dislodge a sharpened chunk of the apparatus before expiring.

Tesla wakes up, sees that his creation has begun feeding itself and immediately sends a telepathic message to Thomas Edison. "I've perfected the electronic platypi Edison!" he screams with his mind.

Edison, always the smarmy prick, corrects him: "I believe the plural would also be 'platypus,' dear Nikola."

Just as Tesla begins to rage at Edison's slight, a gigantic scaled tentacle bursts through the wall of his laboratory ...

I just realized this has absolutely nothing to do with the below video, so forget it. Instead enjoy footage of classical thereminist Randy George performing Daft Punk's "Something About Us" on a Nintendo DS, theremin and keyboard: