Mike Kirsch, aka Mr. B, loves bacon more than you do. In fact, he has a blog devoted to his passion, called Bacon Today. Just reading the damn thing will likely raise your cholesterol. Here's his treatise on the crispiest of meats:

Bacon Today was founded on the simple principal that a world of bacony goodness exists out there for all to discover and enjoy. Here's what we believe:

The most versatile meat on the planet deserves some respect.
Breakfast is not the only meal for bacon.
Fashion, Art, Music... all industries seriously devoid of bacon.
Bacon is a treat for all the senses.
Frozen bacon should not be used as a weapon (although it happens).
As some folks have said, it's the candy of meats!

The candy of meats... My god, that phrase is so wrong on so many levels. But yet, so true. Bacon Today offers reviews, recipes, and general pontification on the beauty of crunchy pork. My favorite of recent posts has to be the revelation of bacon cups from another blog "Not Martha". Yes, cups made out of bacon that you can fill with other foods, like more bacon, maybe. Check the recipe here.

Though I will continue to explore the local bacon scene, Bacon Today will definitely be a regular resource. I mean, where the hell else are you going to find a recipe for bacon cinnamon rolls.