So much for that "rescue": Every major news website shows photos of distraught traders, as the Dow has already tumbled more than 500 today, sending it below 10,000. Also: More bank failures ahead.

In other signs this county is falling apart: "'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' tops weekend box office."

It's less than a month until Election Day--speaking of which, mark your calendars for our Election Night blowout party at Doug Fir!--and Obama and McCain are at each others' throats. Over the weekend, McCain and Palin brought up Obama's association with Weatherman Bill Ayers; Today, Obama's camp releases a short documentary on McCain's involvement in the Keating 5 scandal.

Never fear: According to NBC's analysis, Obama currently has a project 100-electoral vote lead. In other words, if the election were held today, NBC predicts Obama would have "a 264-174 advantage over McCain, up from his 212-174 edge last week. The changes are all in Obama's direction: We've moved Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from Toss-up to Lean Obama."

The Nobel Prize in medicine goes to three scientists who "discovered viruses that cause cervical cancer and AIDS."

Researchers say one in four mammals are at risk of extinction.

Speaking of climate change, will Oregon become a destination for refugees from areas wrecked by global warming?

And just in case you missed the SNL version of last week's VP debate, here it is!