New episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program start tonight, and here's a sneak peak of tonight's show:

Despite this clip, Sarah does a little better than run-of-the-mill stoner humor, but this scene with the empty can of Pringles definitely shows the level of raunch. (By the way, that IS awesome and I totally want to try that.) The rest of this episode's okay but not uproarious; after she starts smoking pot, Sarah starts having brilliant ideas but can never remember them, so she leaves messages for herself on voicemail. It's always cool to see other Mr. Show alum like Brian Posehn and Jay Johnston back on TV, although Johnston, always so hilarious on Mr. Show, has a really dumb plot about a wet dream. Silverman, and the show, manage a convincing if unlikely mix of sweet and gross, which you can see tonight at 10:30 on Comedy Central. Another new episode airs tomorrow, Thursday, also at 10:30.