So Achewood is a really popular webcomic about two alcoholic bears and some of their friends. Surprisingly, it's actually super smart. And funny. Look! The comic was in The New Yorker! And this week it's here in the Mercury, where artist Chris Onstad talks about being sad and being sad and funny.

So for a webcartoonist, Onstad is pretty cutting edge but I was still surprised at the exclusive deal offered at one of his book signings this week in town. Check this out:


40 free Achewood tattoos! "Who would permanently inscribe themselves with an alcoholic bear?" I thought, naively. Skeleton Key Tattoos, the store hosting the in-shop book signing and tattoo voucher giveway, says Achewood tattoos are a phenomena in Portland. Two entire pages of the shop owner's portfolio is just Achewood tattoos. Here's some of her work, still fresh 'n scabby!


What's up with the high demand for Achewood tattoos? What is driving super fans to cover themselves in webcomic characters? Why is Portland TATTOO CRAZY? I asked Jason Leivian, the (awesome) guy who runs Floating World Comics downtown that's hosting Onstad for a totally square bookstore reading tonight for all those people squeamish about getting blood on their newly-signed graphic novel. Leivian didn't really understand the Achewood tattoo phenomena either, but said, "You know, if I was going to get a tattoo, it would probably be from some sort of media that I consume." He pointed out that a lot of people get obsessed with Achewood because it has a progressing story line that draws you in like a hilarious, raunchy soap opera. "Not only is it funny," he said, "but it's a world that's growing."