Last week's news lede focused on Carollynn Smith, the North Portland grandmother seeking to prevent the DHS from adopting her two youngest grandkids and cutting off all contact.


The final adoption hearing for Smith's grandchildren is on October 30th, and human relations committee advisor Ed Garren is desperately seeking a family attorney to assist her. Garren writes:

Time is of the essence, the FINAL hearing is on October 30th. If she cannot muster a strong showing at that hearing, her two youngest grandchildren will be cut off from her and their five other siblings for the rest of their childhood.

Ms. Smith needs an attorney NOW. A good attorney might be able to file an stay with the court and request that the issue be postponed and not finalized on the 30th. In addition, the attorney could reinstate visits between the siblings and Ms. Smith with the two grandchildren.

If you know a good family attorney, drop me a line.