On last night's episode (part one of the finale), Tim Gunn went to each of the final four's hometowns to check on their collections being prepped for New York Fashion Week, confirming rumors of Gunn sightings in PDX. The end of the first clip and start of the second contain the local footage, but you can't see much: the obligatory shot across the Burnside Bridge at the Made in Oregon sign, some footage inside Leanne Marshall's SE studio apartment, and Marshall and Gunn hanging out and riding a tandem bike in Laurelhurst Park.

Find out which of the four finalists got auf'd after the break...


Bye bye, Jerell. The last male standing on the show was kicked off last night after overdoing it with the wedding and bridesmaid dress challenge that the designers were given seemingly as punishment for underwhelming the judges in the plant-inspired evening gown challenge. Leanne and Kenley (who is being suspiciously nice to everyone after her time back home) both got high marks for their dresses, and Korto was in by the skin of her teeth with a too-busy wedding gown and too-simple bridesmaid dress. With three-time winner Jerell gone, and Korto's repeated stumbling, and Kenley's lack of wins and outsized attitude--not to mention what we already know about Leanne's reception at New York Fashion Week--is there any possible way our girl does not have this in the bag?

Leanne's wedding gown, as seen in New York.