Dow Dance: As the market "gyrates" and "swings" Bush and the British consider cooperation between countries for govts to partially take over banks. Plan B is... "flood banks with cash"? Plan C: Asian companies overtake Wall Street.

Howard Zinn Says It: "Let's face a historical truth: we have never had a free market."

War on Drugs: With some hesitation, NATO agrees to let its troops in Afghanistan attack drug barons and maybe bomb heroin factories.

War on Palin: The Troopergate report will be released today! Palin pre-emptively clears herself of wrongdoing.

"That One" is a hooligan: A McCain rally in Wisconsin turns desperate and ugly as one man calls Obama a hooligan and socialist and the crowd chants "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"

Gunning for Gators: The bloody Southern practice of legal alligator hunting sparks controversy as rivers fill with gun-wielding amateur alligator hunters with guns. Alarming case in point: "three North Carolina men who needed 18 shots from a large pistol to kill a gator that weighed as much as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle."

Heated Debate: Senate candidates Jeff Merkley and Gordon Smith swap insults ("Portland lanlord!" versus oil company puppet) in the first of only two major debates during the neck-and-neck race. Amy saw it all, including the part where Smith said Palin was the "governor of California." ha!