The news team has been swamped with endorsement interviews this week, which may have been the best place for us, to be honest, because the national news is all about the crashing economy, meanwhile we've been in an election-focused bubble of optimism, hearing people dropping terms like "healthcare" and "education," more often than "slash" and "budgets."

But I did want to share a conversation I was rampantly eavesdropping in the coffee shop just now, on my way back in for our last interview of the week.

Guy: "I'm just going to focus on raising my daughter for the next six months without a salary."
Girl: "It's just such bad timing."
Guy: "But what can you do? There's nothing else out there right now."
Girl: "You could always move back to Michigan with your folks."
Guy: "And kill myself?"
Girl: "I just wish this could have happened in our 30s, you know? When we're more established. Not in our 20s when we're just barely scraping by."

People are being fired all over the place! People with daughters, who might have to move back to Michigan! The end of the world is coming! Aghhhhhh! If you've heard similar stories, I'd be interested in hearing them. Or of course, if you've got something more uplifting to share, I'm all ears.