The Google news aggregation service is showing 3,842 articles with the same theme at 8:53 tonight. The wife and I have been drinking up the coverage like melted chocolate, so here's some of the most enjoyable so far:

The Guardian says the report's findings "could barely have been worse for the Republicans," and describes the decision as a "bodyblow" for McCain.

The Kansas City Star says Palin's "stunning abuses of power sting her campaign."

The AP has video saying her supporters are calling the investigation "political," juxtaposed against a Republican lawmaker on the investigation committee emphasizing how much it wasn't:

The BBC lays it out nice and simple, like. Pointing out that "Mrs Palin did not co-operate in the bi-partisan Legislative Council's investigation, and she always denied any wrong-doing."

You can download the whole report here. Page nine mentions Palin and her husband hired a private investigator to look into Palin's brother-in-law. Page 22 has the chief of police describing how he felt pressured to fire the trooper or be fired by the Palins. Pretty cut and dried, really.

Lastly, to add insult to injury, the Houston Chronicle shows Palin met with dozens of business lobbyists while Governor in Alaska, having told NPR in a recent interview she only met with "two or three." She also courted media attention with plates of brownies for reporters and calls to journalists on their stark contrast to her attacks on the media since joining the Republican presidential ticket.