At the end of this week, ballots--ballots CRAMMED with statewide measures--are going out. Do you have any idea how you're going to vote on measures like:

Measure 64: Penalizes person, entity for using funds collected with "public resource" (defined) for "political purpose" (defined)


Measure 57: Increases sentences for drug trafficking, theft against elderly and specified repeat property and identity theft crimes; requires addiction treatment for certain offenders.

If you don't know yet, no worries. Tomorrow night, the Bus Project's Jefferson Smith and I are co-hosting an hour-long cram session on the ten most contentious measures. We'll be joined by special guests like Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and State Rep. Greg MacPherson as we dissect everything from the proposed top-two primary system to English language education (and we promise to make it interesting).

Here's the cool part: You can participate from anywhere, whether you're kicking back at home with a beer, or commuting home from work. As long as you've got a phone, you're in, and you can ask us questions about the measures. Hell, you can be in the bathtub while you listen in, for all we care (but please don't tell us this, if we bring you on the air to ask a question). Sign up at with your phone number, and we'll call you back at 6 pm tomorrow.

Sign up now, and we'll see you tomorrow night.