After residents along 82nd Ave began raising hell and organizing community discussions about the rampant prostitution problem in their area, Portland Police launched a crackdown in September, arresting prostitutes, johns and one pimp in a series of stings. The heat has led to a decrease in visible prostitution along the strip. But my question is: where are the prostitutes going? The police can only hold them for an average of 5-6 hours, then they're released back onto the street. Have the women moved to other sections of town or begun using the internet or motels to find tricks instead of streetwalking? At last week's Prostitution Town Hall at Portland Community College -- where neighborhood residents sat down with police officers, human trafficking experts and sex worker advocates to hash out ideas for a plan to deal with prostitution here -- former streetwalker Jeri Williams said she personally knew of five girls whose pimp moved them to Seattle when the spotlight turned on 82nd.

In trying to figure out where the prostitutes go, Montavilla in Action leader Brian Wong pointed me toward an internet forum for Portland johns called USA Sex Guide. Guys post graphic, jargon-laced "reports" of what sex acts a prostitute will perform, for how much and whether they spotted any cops in the area. The reports are sad and disgusting. One guy named "Fishing22" relates how he drove around Montavilla all night, trolling for a cheap "bbj/cim" (bareback blow job/cum in mouth ... I think?) until he finally ran out of gas at 7am.

It's interesting - and upsetting - to hear johns talk so frankly about exploiting women.

I drove down 82nd about 7pm and saw a few, but there were too many police cars for my taste so I left.

Heading back down Sandy I spotted a young spinner. Nice skin, nice hair, etc. 19 yr old spinner from Seattle named Alley. I pulled over and she jumped right in. Submissive girl and obviously pimped. FS + CBJ for 70.

I spent some time on the NW stroll both Saturday and Sunday, but it was bare. Lots of hot women, no street girls. I had hoped the LE [law enforcement] activity on 82nd would drive the girls to the NW stroll. Unfortunately I was wrong.

The johns keep a close eye on the neighborhood response to prostitution. Look what one thought of the Save 82nd Avenue family march that neighborhood activists organized a few weeks ago:

I saw the protest too.I thought it was weird that there were kids with their parents.Not to mention the people pushing the stollers down the street.Guess it makes them look better on the news.

Apparently,they forgot to mention that there are also gangs and drug dealers that bring down the

I am VERY glad that the internet came along so I don't have to deal with that crap anymore.