From Secretary of State Bill Bradbury:

Oregon set a new record for registered voters Tuesday a few hours before the registration deadline for the Nov. 4 election.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the number of voters in Oregon exceeded 2,141,249, the record high set for the 2004 general election. As of 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Oregon had 2,143,290 voters.

The number is changing, though, as elections officials count registrations filed before the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline. The final number of voters eligible to vote in the election this year won't be known for several days until elections officials finish the counting, which will include registration forms mailed with a postmark no later than Tuesday. Postmarks count for voter registration forms but not when it comes to mailing a ballot itself.

"I'm thrilled to see so many Oregonians getting engaged in the civic process," said Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, the state's chief elections officer. "Voters now need to take the next step and make sure to vote. The decisions made by the officials we elect will have an impact not just on our communities but on the state, the country and the world as well."

The numbers reflect a surge in voters that started earlier this year. Since Jan. 1, 2008, Oregon has seen more than 175,000 new voters and that number will probably reach 200,000 when the count is completed.

Voters who want to make sure their new registration has been received or want to confirm their registration status may call their county elections office or go to the Oregon Elections Division web site,, and click on "Am I Registered to Vote?"