A couple of fashion news bites from the off-kilter world of celebrity fashion, over which Karl Lagerfeld seems to preside like a sinister master of puppets: Madonna took some flack for wearing the "Miami Vice" heels that mad genius Lagerfeld designed for Chanel's 2009 resort collection, which feature a tiny handgun made of plexiglass instead of a typical heel:


And the award for hypersensitivity goes to Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (MAMAA), one of whose members publicly stated that she was "horrified."

And speaking of horrified, Lindsay Lohan's line of legging hit shelves at Henri Bendel's New York store yesterday (they already sold out in LA). Contrary to most celeb lines, I actually think Lohan was wise to stick to something simple, and therefore believable. And while the line, called 6126 after Marilyn Monroe's birth date, is tacky in the extreme (knee pads?), it is totally Lohan-appropriate.


The knee pad version, which is so gross that I like them the best, is called "Mr. President," and is rumored to be inspired by the dear devil Lagerfeld, but no word yet on his approval.

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