Condo tower by Gerding Edlen (contribution to mayor Sam Adams' election campaign by boss Mark Edlen, $1000). Illegal activity in the foreground courtesy of the City of Portland and the Portland Business Alliance (contribution to mayor Sam Adams' election campaign by PBA chief executive Sandra McDonough, $250).


The mayor's Street Access For Everyone committee meets tomorrow at 9:30 at city hall to decide on what to report back to council about the controversial sit/lie law. Although not everyone affected by the outcome of that meeting will be there...or as well represented in the pockets of the politicians with the power to decide the future of the law.


Portland is a small town. But I don't think it should be small enough for everyone to pal around and ignore the political injustice being wreaked all over our most vulnerable citizens by those without the guts to stand up and say: No. This is wrong. This is heartless. This could stand in the way of my career, but god damn it, I'm going to fight it.

Ambition runs deeper than compassion at city hall, I think. Commissioner Randy Leonard is the only commissioner against the law on civil rights grounds.