Hey, don't take my word for it--after all, as a local who writes about local fashion design, I'm kind of biased. But as we prepare for the finale of Project Runway, airing tonight (I am so glad it is not in conflict with the presidential debate, because I hate to say it but...), it seems just about everyone who's weighed in is on Leanne's side. NPR's Linda Holmes sums it up nicely:

Sometimes, you don't even know that a show has any legitimacy until you realize that a particular outcome would really hurt its legitimacy, and a win for Kenley would demolish Project Runway's legitimacy. People like this show partly because it was one of the first reality shows to showcase actual skill -- not always, but sometimes. Not reliably, but at least sporadically.

It's true. And given the response Leanne has already received at New York Fashion Week, it seems all too clear... Come celebrate tonight at the Tanker with us--it all goes down starting at 8 pm.