In our endorsement of Mike Delman for County Commissioner, we alluded to his much-discussed temperamental nature (it's not quite owing taxpayers $1.8 million, as his opponent does, but it's also not something you tout on your campaign literature).

But just to be clear, when we wrote that "Mike Delman... is a temperamental guy who nearly decked Matt Davis during our primary endorsement interview," we did not mean that he stood up, marched over to Davis, and held a fist over his head.

Not even close. Indeed, we took some literary license when alluding to the non-incident that happened during our primary endorsement:

In District 3, Mike Delman and Judy Shiprack are both experienced candidates with their respective visions, although we got a sense Delman might want to use the county seat as a bully pulpit. (He bristled when we asked if he'd spend a lot of time fighting with Wheeler. Point proven.)

Davis is the one who asked Delman whether he'd be brawling with Wheeler all the time. The look on Delman's face had Davis joking afterward that Delman looked ready to deck him. Davis is used to the feeling: His punch-in-the-face-dar is highly honed through years and years of needling people.

And as far as we're aware, Delman's never hurt a flea. I mean, come on: Look at that smile! And he loves animals!