Tonight on the David Letterman Show, John McCain swears up and down he's gonna be there. (And will he bring along Sarah Palin as an olive branch?)

It's a good idea: For this week's SNL, they should get The Shield's Michael Chiklis to play "Joe the Plumber!"

An even better idea: A new reality show like Big Brother -- except with humans shacking up with gorillas. YESSSSSSS!

More Runway scoop for all you Leanne Marshall fans: Is the feud between her and Kenley still going on? Also, the L.A. Times explains why Leanne won.

And Battlestar Galactica (known around the office as Battlenerd Gaspastica) returns on January 16!

Finally, Lil' Bill O'Reilly is back -- and this time he's taking on Barney Frank!